Michelle Seiber

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, License #121379

Michelle Seiber
I am an interactive therapist that holds an existentialist orientation but practices with each client in a person-centered manner. I work collaboratively with clients to allow their specific concerns and goals to guide the work we do together. I address all clients with unconditional positive regard as we create a therapeutic relationship, and I foster a safe environment to process issues with relationships, grief & loss, and adjustment, through authenticity and congruency. I believe that clients can overcome adversity through understanding and utilizing their strengths and self-determination. My modality is a mixture of many psychological techniques as well as creative skills. This includes a blend of existentialism, mindfulness, humor and Cognitive-Behavioral skills by way of a direct and open approach.Your emotional health is a pivotal component of overall wellness. I would be honored to help you explore your past, present and future with a focus on deepening insights to create the best version of yourself.
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