Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Kyla Ramirez, ACSW

I have experience working with youth, adults, couples and families. I have provided support to individuals that have experienced trauma in many domains of their lives. I have 6 years experience working with youth, adults and individuals impacted by trauma, stressors and foster care.

Our environment has an influence on the success of therapeutic services. As we work together, we will not only focus on your mental health needs, with my support; we will also consider your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. By addressing these, we focus on the whole you, not just your diagnosis.

Trauma, as well as life stressors, influences our behavior, relationships, and thinking in so many ways. When these events are experienced, our lives have a tendency to unravel before us. Let me help you heal and learn healthy ways to cope with the life challenges because life is definitely a roller coaster and it’s important to have support along the way. It is my experience that humans know themselves best. Therapy is a journey where my knowledge and yours are combined to explore solutions that best meet your needs. In order to gain positive outcomes, a good therapeutic relationship is needed and this requires trust, authenticity, and freedom to be yourself.

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