Adrienne Ramirez, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Amanda Yates, AMFT
Do you struggle with a lack of purpose and meaning in life? Or that no matter what you achieve, there is still an emptiness? Perhaps a longing to connect to life, others, and yourself in a more meaningful way? Or repeating the same patterns that you know are not working for you? 

I am extremely passionate about empowering individuals, couples and families to heal and live their best, most authentic lives. I strongly believe that each and every individual, regardless of background, ability, or beliefs, should have a safe space where they can feel comfortable being their true self. I know that sitting across from someone with similar experiences can help to build trust and promote connection, and am therefore deeply committed to holding space for those who need to be heard.

I serve individuals, intimate partnerships, adults, older adults, adolescents, and groups. My areas of interest include life transitions, depression, anxiety, challenges with identity and self-esteem, coping with trauma & adverse experiences, relationships, women’s empowerment, cultural challenges, grief & loss, and LGBTQIA+.

I deeply value the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist and pride myself on fostering a safe, judgment-free environment for all clients to share their truths. I would love the opportunity to work with and help you move away from that which is unhelpful to you; toward a life of healing and thriving.

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