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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people go to therapy?

People seek therapy for various reasons, such as managing mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or trauma. Therapy provides a safe space for individuals to explore and understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors with the guidance of a trained professional. It offers tools and coping mechanisms to navigate life’s challenges more effectively. Additionally, therapy can aid in improving communication skills, enhancing relationships, and fostering personal growth and self-awareness. Ultimately, therapy serves as a supportive resource for individuals striving for mental and emotional well-being.

What happens in a therapy session?

In a therapy session, a person may first discuss their current concerns or issues with the therapist. The therapist typically listens attentively, providing empathy and understanding while asking clarifying questions to gain deeper insight. Together, they may explore underlying emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior contributing to the person’s difficulties. The therapist may introduce coping strategies, techniques, or exercises tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. Throughout the session, there’s an emphasis on creating a nonjudgmental and supportive environment conducive to personal exploration and growth.

Are therapy sessions confidential?

Yes, therapy sessions are confidential. Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of therapy, ensuring that what is discussed remains private between the client and therapist. We adhere strictly to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, which set standards for the protection of sensitive patient information. This means that information shared in therapy cannot be disclosed to anyone without the client’s explicit consent, except in specific circumstances outlined by HIPAA, such as situations involving imminent harm to the client or others. Maintaining confidentiality fosters trust and allows clients to feel safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings during therapy sessions.

Should I use medication, or go to therapy?

Someone might use medication to cope with mental health issues when symptoms are severe or interfere significantly with daily functioning. Medication can provide relief by addressing chemical imbalances in the brain, alleviating symptoms such as anxiety or depression. However, therapy offers more lasting effects by addressing underlying issues and teaching coping skills that can be applied beyond the immediate treatment period. With therapy, individuals learn to understand and manage their emotions, develop healthier thought patterns, and build resilience, leading to long-term improvements in mental well-being, even if medication is used as a complementary treatment. Moreover, therapy provides a supportive environment where individuals can explore their experiences and develop strategies for sustainable self-care and growth.

Do you take Insurance? How do I pay?

Stonebridge Counseling is dedicated to making mental health services accessible to a wide range of clients. We accept cash-pay clients and are one of the few counseling centers in Butte County that accept Partnership Healthplan of California. Additionally, we work with various insurance providers, including MHN Managed Health Network, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, and some Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans (please call for details). We also accommodate clients with out-of-network PPO insurance plans, ensuring flexible options for those seeking our support.

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